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The calculation and selection of nicotine content in e-liquid
       Different E-cigarette has different nicotine content, the amount of smoking per person per day is not the same, in order to select the most

suitable E-liquid from the traditional cigarettes, you should consider these factors. The nicotine content in E-liquid we usually have the following


0 mg/g

6 mg / g

12 mg /g

18 mg /g

24 mg /g

     At present,most e-liquid manufacturer make it not higher than 30mg/g.if you need a different liquid among the above concentration you can

buy two sets of different levels then mix is OK, such as 3= (0+ 6) / 2.  if the nicotine content of traditional cigarettes you smoke each is 1.1 (you

can seeon the left box side) that are shown as follows: 1.1 × 20pcs = 22 mg and  general consumption of E-liquid a day is about 2 ~ 4 ml, two ml a

day then choose for 11 mg. We present these results are only rough prompt, you can as a reference. After using the electronic cigarette days you

should know whether to increase or decrease the nicotine in smoke liquid.