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US Senator called for FDA to strengthen the E-cig security
       Senator Schumer in New York in June 29th called for USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA)to strengthen the electronic cigarette liquid

packaging, increase the child safety cap and eye-catching safety warning labels, to solve the related poisoning accidents increased sharply,

especially the accident poisoning in children.

       Schumer said, only in New York City, so far this year,  the poison control center has received 41 cases of electronic smoke poisoning cases,

compared to 26 in 2013, 13 in 2012 2011 was only 7 cases. From a national perspective, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

reports received from the 2010 monthly 1 cases jumped to 200 cases per month in 2014.

       Considering the rising number of poisoning, we must as soon as possible to take measures to protect our children. American food and Drug

Administration and other federal agencies should be involved, to install the child safety cap first, like this prescription bottle, second have eye-

catching safety warning labels, let parents know the danger." Schumer said, he also called on the America food and drug administration to join the

two suggestions on the final draft rules of electronic cigarette.
        Sinai Medical College Maida Galvez and her two students, as well as the chairman of the Executive Board of the NYSNA HHC (Anne Bove)

system were also supported the statement made by Schumer's proposal.